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The polymer grades are produced according to their molecular mass. Technical data of the product are shown in the table:

Properties Value for grades
P-10 P-12 P-15 P-30 P-50
Apperance Viscous transparent or dark-brown mass Rubber-like
Staudinger molecular mass×103 5 … 10 11 … 15 16 … 25 26 … 40 41 … 60
Staudinger Index (Io), cm3/g 25 … 34 34 … 46 46 … 56 56 … 113 113 … 143
Viscosity-Average molecular mass (Flory), Mv 40000 60000 80000 200000 400000
Ash mass content, %, max 0,04
Volatile matter at 105°C, %, max 0,3
Non-staining stabilizer content, %, max 0,04


Low molecular weight polyisobutene is a viscous, transparent or brown mass. Low molecular weight polyisobutene is produced by the method of thermomechanical decomposition of high molecular weight polyisobutene in machines-destructors of special construction. In the destructors under the effect of frictional and downward forces high temperature is achieved and it results in thermal destruction of polymer and production of low molecular weight polymer with necessary molecular data.


Low molecular weight polyisobutene is a saturated polymer. As such it is highly resistant to oxygen, ozone, and solutions of acids, alkalis and salts. More particularly, it resists solutions of sulfuric, hydrochloric, phosphoric, formic, acetic and chlorosulphonic acids, is not affected by either weak or concentrated alkalis, and withstands the attack of such oxidizing agents as bleaching powder, potassium permanganate and dichromate, hydrogen peroxide. Polyisobutene doesn't swell or dissolve in ethyl alcohol, acetone, but readily dissolved in aliphatic or aromatic hydrocarbons (passing through a swelling stage).


Polyisobutene is a viscous transparent colorless or dark brown mass free of taste and odor. The polymer is not soluble in water, spirits, esters and ketones. It is soluble in oils and fats through swelling stage. Flash point +158°C. The polymer retains its elasticity to -75°C.


The outstanding and versatile frost and temperature stability, elasticity, resistance to wear and chemical substance effect are base properties of various grades of polyisobutene. Low molecular weight polyisobutene can be employed for making sealants, rubber articles, adhesive compounds, protective covers, oily compositions and plastificators.


Finished products are available in bags, made of polyvinyl chloride film, impregnated by polymethylsiloxane liquid or by castor oil. Low molecular weight polyisobutene is also packed into cardboard boxes with internal anti-adhesion layer or steel or aluminum drums. Covered railway tanks and trucks can transport the product. Low molecular weight polyisobutene is stored in closed and dry warehouses.

Guaranteed period of storage: 2 years from the manufacturing date.

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