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Low - molecular weight polyisoprene NMPI


NMPI must confirm the requirements shown in table:

Properties Norms for grades
NMPI-40 NMPI-70 NMPI-400 NMPI-500
Dynamic viscosity, 38°C, Pa.s 40±5 70±5 400±15 500±15
Number-average molecular mass, Mn
(30±4).103 (55±5).103
Antioxidant mass content, %
Irganox 1520L
or agidol-2 (type 2246)
or ionol

Ash content, %
0,5 max 0,3 max
Volatile matter at (105°C), % 0,7max


Low molecular weight polyisoprene NMPI is a liquid product of polymerization of isoprene in solution under the action of an anionic type catalyst. In appearance, it is a clear viscous liquid that does not contain sediment and visible inclusions. Foreign analogues: polyisoprene LIR-30, LIR-50 of the company Kuraray Co., Ltd (Japan), ISOLENE 40-S, ISOLENE 400-S of the company Royal Elastomers (USA).


Low molecular weight polyisoprene NMPI is successfully used as a reactive plasticizer for nitrile, isoprene, styrene butadiene, butadiene and isoprene-isobutylene rubbers in the production of tires, conveyor belts, seals and other rubber products. The product can be used for the manufacture of pressure-sensitive adhesives, automotive sealants, coatings, luminous vulcanized polymer compositions. Partial or complete replacement of the plasticizer oil for low molecular weight polyisoprene in rubber compounding formulations in the manufacture of tires and various rubber goods provides the following advantages: improving of the manufacturability (processability) of rubber mixtures, increasing adhesion to steel cord, improving extrudability, reducing shrinkage of rubber mixtures during processing in rubber mixing equipment and increasing the mechanical strength of vulcanizates. At the request of consumers, product samples of all brands can be provided in the amount required for testing.

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